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Original Title: Caught In The Crossfire

Genge: Action,Crime,Thriller
















































Two detectives investigating a gang-related shooting find themselves targeted by both gang members and crooked cops.
This movie had no particular agenda, really, which in itself, is great. It didn't pretend, just proceeded to assemble the parts of a down-to-earth crime story. This gritty drama possesses a sense of validity that its glossy, slick, higher-budget counterparts often lack. This made for a refreshing difference. Lots of surprises from a well-written story that builds the plot deliberately.

Adam Rodriguez, of CSI Miami fame, did an excellent job of acting. We're accustomed to expect this from him, but for some reason a lot of television actors encounter difficulty doing as well in movies. Better-than-decent acting, and excellent "street feel", added to the production values by 50 Cent.

I particularly enjoyed the local flavor of the Michigan scenery. Felt almost like New England, in some ways. I had to give a look at the production information to tell where it was shot, to be certain. There was no overuse of cop-props, or crash scenes, but still plenty of action as things unfolded. I think the whole cast, and everyone involved, deserve a "pat on the back" and congrats for this one. Worth a watch, even two. This is certainly a good movie worth seeing again to focus on all aspects.. as it has many twists and you need to keep watching.. it's super fast paced which is great and i love about. Michael Matthias acting is good in this movie and I look forward to seeing more from his end..

I won't go into detail, but you end up thinking everyone cannot be trusted.. and everyone is part of the bad crew... pleasant surprises. One of the things I disliked is the lighting (felt too dark) and also the way it was done. It could have been done in a smoother more professional way... i kept thinking that it must be 2003 movie, but its a 2010.


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