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About This Game

Famaze is a retro themed puzzle adventure game. The game combines charming SNES era visuals and sound, randomized "roguelike"mazes, strategy and puzzles, rpg elements, and a fun lighthearted story. The game is simple to pick up but offers endless replay because of the procedural nature of its levels.

The story of the game involves a mad king who has captured the happy rutabagas of the land and has turned them into evil monsters to guard his kingdom while he searches for the elusive perfect recipe for rutabaga pudding. The heroes of the land (a knight, thief, or wizard) must delve deep into the king's domain to rescue the rutabagas, find the gem of truth to unravel the secret recipe and put a stop to the mad king's plot.

Original soundtrack by Disasterpeace
Artwork by Oryx

  • Procedurally generated puzzle dungeons created infinite replayability.
  • Environmental variables including treasure chests, pit traps, healing blocks, and magic beacons.
  • 3 heroes to choose from with powerful unique abilities.
  • Useful items including potions, fireballs, teleport orbs, and magic crystals.
  • Collectible hidden artifact pieces meta game with artifact summary screen.
  • A fun, lighthearted story line.
  • An original soundtrack including 23 unique tracks by Disasterpeace
  • Detailed stat tracking including gold, high scores, types of monster kills, etc.

Title: Famaze
Genre: Casual, Free to Play, Indie, RPG, Strategy
Oryx Design Lab
Oryx Design Lab
Release Date: 5 May, 2014


I got the game for $2.49, and I was fine paying that for this. I think I played for about 30 minutes, and it was probably worth the $2.49. I'm very much a classic Rogue fan, and this was a fun rogue-like. My biggest issue with it would probably be the addition of the bottom graphics caused a little bit of confusion as I kept trying to navigate with it rather than use the pixel map as you normally would with a rogue-like.

Plus, I think I picked the hardest class to start with (mage), and since you can only hold two spells at the beginning (one if you have a key on you), I was getting pretty rocked.

Still, it was entertaining for the little while I played, and I found it pretty cute.. It is now free on Steam, as it should have been to begin with. Given this, I am willing to recommend this game for the few hours that it may be enjoyable. The business tactics for this release on Steam may have been gritty, but at least it concludes well (other than the people who bought this game on relase, in the groupees bundle, or was gifted this by that person on your friends list that hates you). I am satisfied now, 5\/10.

OLD REVIEW: http:\/\/\/Ii1Fy82.png<\/a>
Quick answer: do not buy this.
It is a minimalistic maze roguelike, which sounds like a pretty good idea, but ends up lacking in so many areas:

+ The hard difficulty is challenging
+ It is a good "I have nothing to do" game
+ Traps, units, and items are decently balanced
+ Decent soundtrack

= Minimalistic
= It is fun for the first few hours
= It is indeed roguelike by every means
= Uses their own assets, but they have also sold them, so the game ends up looking generic.

- Repetitive
- Lacks options. How so? No options at all. Also, it has no key rebindings.
- It is nearly impossible to lose on the easier of the two difficulties and requires a lot of time and luck to get through the harder difficulty
- One mistake on hard can easily make you restart the entire maze
- Way overpriced for what it is and can currently be played for free (w\/ ads, etc.) at
http:\/\/\/games\/famaze\/<\/a> <\/span> (Currently this game has NO differences from the free version other than slightly larger display and no distractions around the screen.)
- Edit:\/game\/famaze\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noopener\" >http:\/\/\/game\/famaze<\/a>
- Too simplistic
- It is basically a glorified maze with roguelike elements that turns into more of a perfectionist puzzle than a roguelike.

In conclusion, it is in your best interest to stay away from this game. If you are really interested in a luck based challenge, a strategy intensive puzzle game, or an extremely easy roguelike with RPG as minimal as the style, than this game can be decent. Overall, it is lacking so much to be justified as anything over $1 or your equivalent of nearly free. While I personally like the minimalistic style this game chose to go, I do not feel like it offers much in comparison to other roguelikes of the same price.. FAMAZE is the simplest rogue-like i know. Originally made for phones and the browser FAMAZE was a really fun little rogue-like that was perfect if you only had 5 minutes or so. The goal of FAMAZE is to find a key and to get to the end of the dungeon. In most rogue-likes, when you move, the monsters move too but in FAMAZE most monsters are stationary. They just block your way. Attacking monsters causes you and your foe to lose 1hitpoint. In order to stay alive you need potions that refill your life. The catch however is that you only have 2 inventory slots. This mechanic leads to alot of strategic thinking. FAMAZE also has a rather interesting lightning mechanic. If the light touches an enemy it turns into an healing item. This is an easy way of defeating your foes. So FAMAZE is a fun little rogue-like that is perfect to play while downloading a huge game or so ;D. If you want a strategic rogue-like that is really complex look somewhere else(ToME is perfect if you're looking for that;D) Simple but fun!. Mute option?. This is a simple roguelike game. It's a good game to play for a few minutes, assuming of course you can force yourself to shut it down; it's rather addictive.

You can only carry two items at a time, which means you will sometimes have to go back for items. You need a key to get to the next level, but be careful when you pick a key up, as it takes up one of the two valuable item slots.

There's no option to change the graphics or sound. The graphics is in a vertical column, as you see on the screenshots above. The sound is always on and at full volume, which is a pain if you want to watch TV at the same time.

I would recommend this game to anyone who wants a fun and simple roguelike game.

I would not recommend this game to anyone who wants a highly detailed game full of roleplaying and complexity..\/watch?v=f4WjO13TZ7Q&\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" id=\"dynamiclink_0\">https:\/\/\/watch?v=f4WjO13TZ7Q&<\/a>
Famaze is a very simple roguelike puzzle RPG with cute pixel art and easy to learn mechanics.

I must say i expected more from the game when i first booted it up as i was under the impression of it being a more in-depth RPG styled game. Instead i was greeted by this very, very simple game.
Which is a good thing!
. UPDATE: Game was bundled in groupees bundle on 14 May, a mere 9 days after release. I don't feel glad I supported this by buying it on initial release on steam. I feel like I've been kicked in the teeth by Oryx.

I really want to mark this neutral- half way between recommend yes and recommend no.

First of all, this game apparently used to be free on the web at the official web site, but now it links to steam instead when you click to play. The game is available here though:


...and playing it will give you the best idea of what it's like.

The good parts are that this is a charming, simple game with pixel art sprites, nice chiptune style music and a polished feel.

The bad parts are the complete lack of options which means you have to play in a window approximately the height of your desktop (at least on my 1920x1080) and a third of the width. You can't redefine the keys, which is unforgivable. For the record keys are cursor up left down right, 1 and 2 to use objects, m for map, space for pickup, q to quit and esc to cancel.

It's also a bit weird that Oryx are using their own sprite set whic...

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