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Formerly known as Dark Souls, Fated Souls (and its sequel Fated Souls 2) are Warfare Studios' first commercial series, and one of their most popular along with Vagrant Hearts, Ashes of Immortality and Valiant.
Note: to toggle between screen modes, press ALT + ENTER.


A brave warrior named Galahar goes back to his hometown after 10 years of searching for his kidnapped daughter, who disappeared during raid at their village. Soon after arriving home at Solside Village, he is selected by the Mershiak Church to become a Swordmaster. While at first he thinks this would divert him from his primary objective, finding his daughter, he discovers that both paths are strangely connected.

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Title: Fated Souls 2
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG
Warfare Studios
Aldorlea Games
Fated Souls
Release Date: 2 Dec, 2016


Better than the 1st, which I also recommend. Although I don't see what you have any business playing the 2nd without playing the first. Story has different characters which I'm not thrilled about, BUT there is a map in an rpg maker game which is awesome AND you get the magic orb at the beginning of the game. Great changes by the dev. I will continue playing all the way through this one as well.. Nominally the sequel to Fated Souls 1, this title deals with a warrior named Galahar trying to find his daughter, who was kidnapped 10 years prior. Joined by his forlorn wife Kara, they seek to track down any clues they have missed and bring their daughter home. All the while, being swept up into the fight against evil.

This game appears to have originally been released in 2009 as Dark Souls 2, though that title likely had to change because of... outside factors. Still, this game holds up rather well for its age.

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