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About This Game

Geoid is a modern, stylish take on old-school 3D platformers. Roll and jump your way through unique hazards and mechanics to collect all the golden triangles and silver hexagons! A result of about four years of mostly solo development, Geoid is inspired by games like Marble Blast.


  • A single-player campaign with over 40 levels
  • Every level has its own unique art style and color palette
  • Slow time and control gravity with unique powerups
  • Timed challenge mode with local and global leaderboards
  • Punishing nightmare mode if you want a real challenge!
  • Take your time and play without timers if you prefer a more laid-back experience
  • Play with your friends in 2, 3, or 4 player split-screen competitive coop
  • Over 25 unlockable ball styles

Title: Geoid
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Zen Relay Games
Zen Relay Games
Release Date: 16 Jun, 2017


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 3.1Ghz or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX or AMD Radeon 6870 HD series or better
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 5 GB available space


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Just completed the game and this game was very relaxing and was definitely worth the money. Reminded me of some older games for the nostalgia factor in terms of movement.This game isn't perfect because I feel like the movement could have been optimized better and there could have been some really fast paced and chaotic levels to spice things but it has a lot to offer and different styles of levels that kept my mind going all the way through. I had a lot of fun finding ways to skip and break the level to get lower times or just see what I could get away with. My favorite level was definitely Moon but again every level had something to offer in its own way. The checkpoint system is also really generous and many developers overlook this in quite a few platformers.. Really solid and fun!. This game is amazing. It does the perfect job of capturing the memories from older games like marble blast while also adding new things to keep the level design modern and fresh. The gameplay is addictive and it just feels right. This is a must have for any fans of platformers.. Really solid and fun!. Really fun game. The level design is fun and keeps it fresh, and the graphihcs are really nice to look at. It seems like it has plenty of content for the money.

. Having grown up playing MarbleBlast, Ballance, and Switchball I have one day hoped to find a brand new title whose polish and well-designed development would effectively serve as a spiritual successor to these outstanding rolling ball games, and with the addition of the newly released \u201cGeoid\u201d I can confidently say\u2026

\u2026I\u2019m still looking for that kind of game.

Geoid is not perfect, but that\u2019s not to say it\u2019s a bad game by any means, it certainly isn\u2019t. Mostly it\u2019s just bogged down by chunks of missed opportunities and missteps that it overall becomes not as exciting as anticipated.

Now what the game does right, it does pretty well. I like the customization of the ball you control, and the fact that there are even more skins to collect throughout helps further personalize each player\u2019s experience. Levels for the most part feel very nice to explore too, although there are those rare moments where the design doesn\u2019t quite do a good enough job conveying which way to go, it\u2019s still easy to get your footing back. Even if you were to, for example, get knocked off and land somewhere else, causing you to not know where exactly you are, there will almost always be some kind of path guiding you to the finish. Not all levels are well designed though; the larger scaled levels are more often than not bigger than they need to be, with barely any points of interest to come across, making these areas barren and empty. Quite often I've found myself traversing the entirety of these empty areas in hopes that there would be a secret collectible nearby, only to be devastatingly disappointed.

Now the control of the ball itself can be hit or miss. The jumping in particular does not feel fine tuned at all, especially when performing a double jump. From what I have observed the quicker you tap the jump key while in mid-air from the initial jump, the more powerful the double jump is, which is pretty helpful for getting up to higher areas, but the problem with how this mechanic is programmed is that the longer you delay that second, mid-air jump the weaker it gets for some reason. I have tried crossing large gaps numerous times by conserving my double jump, but because I don't have as much upward momentum by waiting longer the double jump doesn't do its job and doesn't give me the extra boost like it's supposed to.

One of the stronger points by far though, is the music. Not only are the melodies catchy and upbeat, but it doesn\u2019t stick to just one genre of music, adding a lot of variety to levels to help break the monotony. The graphics are also very stylshly done; reflections, textures, and environments in general are just nice to look at, but while it looks spectacular with the more HD display settings, if you're running the game on a less powerful computer and need to tone down on the quality settings the graphical presentation looks 100% antiquated; there also appears to be a setting that lets you adjust what I presume to be the clarity of the graphics, but I see no reason why you would ever put this setting to anything below MAX because once that nob is moved down a bit the graphics and textures turn into a blurry, unseeable mess.

In order to progress through the hub world you need to collect a certain number of triangle pieces so you can open number doors that block your progress. Each time you finish a level normally you get one triangle piece, although that\u2019s not exactly what happens. The act of passing through the finish isn\u2019t what gets you the piece, but instead it\u2019s just sitting on its own NEAR the exit, so the two actions aren\u2019t exactly chained together. This can mean if, for example, you were making a bee-line towards the triangle and out of nowhere a random piece of rubble collided with you and knocked you off course, the possibility very well exists that you can miss the triangle, but still fall into the exit, meaning you have to go back and play the level again to reclaim the triangle you missed.

When it comes to collectibles, Geoid has quite a bit, from collecting 6 hexagon bits for an extra triangle piece (which serves extremely well for skipping levels you have a hard time finishing while still being able to unlock the number doors to progress) to unlockable ball skins that further add to the customization aspect. However the way you find these hidden goodies aren\u2019t always executed well. For example, there are plenty of objects and scenery in the hub world that you can actually jump on top of, but instead of taking advantage of that and putting some secrets high up there, the items are instead hidden in rather awkward places, like underneath the main path, or at the edge of a long, straight road that doesn\u2019t have any other points of interest. There are just so many missed opportunities for more creative hiding places, and even though the collectables are still well hidden enough I\u2019m disappointed that it doesn\u2019t utilize the environment quite as creatively as it should.

Now if you\u2019ve played through the game once already you\u2019ll have already noticed that there are two other modes you can start a new game with other than the normal mode:

\u2022 Challenge Mode: Pretty much the exact same thing as normal mode, except you can compete for time to get your scores on the online leaderboards. But other than that you don\u2019t get any extra perks for beating the gold times, they just exist.

\u2022 Nightmare Mode: By the far the most stressful and unenjoyable mode the game has to offer. Once again the exact same thing as normal mode, except you\u2019re given an unrelentingly strict time limit to finish the level before the timer runs out. Obviously meant for hardcore gamers who don\u2019t find the normal modes enticing anymore, but it is not executed well and given that it just copy-pastes the gold times from Challenge Mode and makes those times REQUIRED to beat it just feels slapped together in an attempt to add replayability to the game. While imposing a required time limit isn\u2019t the worst idea for a hard mode, there are so many better ways to make one, like changing around some of the platforms and obstacles to make maneuvering more tricky. Not only would that add more challenge and be more enjoyable than an arbitrary time limit, but it would also contribute better for replayability because the levels aren\u2019t of the exact same design. However if this is all they have for a hard mode then it might as well just be scrapped, since it\u2019s no different from Challenge Mode because, again, it has the exact same time limits, just not mandatory. Additionally if you\u2019re going for the gold times in Challenge Mode anyway, then Nightmare Mode is just going to waste your time because if you don\u2019t get gold you\u2019ll end up manually restarting the level regardless. Nightmare Mode essentially just restarts the level for you if you don\u2019t make the gold time, which isn\u2019t necessarily a bad thing generally speaking; it would be better off just as a setting in the pause menu for Challenge Mode that you can simply tick on or off, rather than its own mode entirely.

Luckily though, if you\u2019re not die-hard completionist you can skip Nightmare Mode altogether and save yourself a ton of headaches.

Now after all of the critical points I've made here, do I still enjoy playing Geoid? Well, yes. It's by no means the new MarbleBlast\/Ballance\/Switchball game we've been waiting around a decade for, but I still enjoyed the game a good bit. Every level is unique from one another and has its own quirk for you to experience, graphics, again, look very nice and a lot of the platforms have that nice, smooth metal texture feel that makes me wish I could run my hand across it. Music is nicely varied and brakes up the monotony, and it's just plain fun to speed down the vast, long ramps and just blast through the environment. Yes it has fundamental flaws mentioned above, but hey, doesn't seem to stop me from playing it casually. If you're curious about this game go ahead and give it a try.. I changed my review. While the physics aren't the greatest, at least this is something original within the ball rolling games. I applaud the developers for trying something creative and look forward to what else they have in store in the future.. This game is amazing. It does the perfect job of capturing the memories from older games like marble blast while also adding new things to keep the level design modern and fresh. The gameplay is addictive and it just feels right. This is a must have for any fans of platformers.

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