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Original Title: Hum

Genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Family














































Tiger is employed as a menial laborer in, 'Bombay's dock', owned and run by a criminal master-mind Bakhtawar. Bakhtawar's treatment towards his workers angers Tiger who opposes this but is silence by Pratap; who is the security in-charge of Bakhtawar and who also happens to be Tiger's father. Then one day a scandal break out between Bakhtawar and Tiger leaving Bakhtawar dead. Tiger is then forced to run far-away from the police; he takes refuge in a rural village and years later he is now called Shekhar a man with two younger brothers, Kumar and Vijay. His past will come to catch up with him especially when he finds out that Bakhtawar is still alive.
A wealthy and cruel businessman, Bhaktawar lord over a dockyard making all the workers his slaves. All the workers will work but no one will entail a salary, the union leader Tiger opposes this and protests and is eventually silenced by Bhaktawar. Tiger is unable to take any drastic step against Bhaktawar because Pratab, Tiger's dad is Bhaktawar bodyguard. Taking advantage of Tiger weakness, Bhaktawar eventually murder Pratab publicly thus enraged Tiger who eventually murder Bhaktawar, setting the dockyard on fire and escape from the police. Years later Tiger is now known as Shekhar, a respected man with two brothers Kumar and Vijay. Tiger must now ensure that his past life is buried and ensnared a bright future for his two brothers.
My favourite Hindi movie, the sole reason being it was the first movie that I've ever seen. Though not that awe-inspiring in terms of direction or even cast(apologies, Mr. Bachchan)the movie blew me, and the rest of the country, away with that one magnificent song, Jhumma Chumma De De. Kimmy Katkar's most salacious performance ever. Where on Earth did she disappear to? Set in Bombay in the sixties, it tells the story of one man who refuse to be subdued by the reigning feudal lord of sorts and escapes with his two brothers; all he wants is a nice quite life for the three of them, even if it means leaving behind his amour, Jhumma. Rajnikanth and Govinda have had better roles than this, but all said and done, this is one wonderful movie to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
I saw this movie on big screen the first time it opened in my country- it had all the right elements- such a monster hit! Kimi Katkar Was without a doubt smashing! A must See! The songs were right on target and the dance sequences were definitely beautifully done. I stayed awake for the entire movie. After it ended people wanted more! I went to see it again a week later, then watched it 7 times after that! This movie was doubled with 1980's Dostana when I saw it- was memorable! No need for pop corn- you won't have time to eat it. Bollywood should take pattern from this movie. The director did very well and the cast was just down right talented and executed the scenes with precision.


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