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Impulse Of War

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Stop! You haven't captured the train yet? Didn't build a base and haven't mastered the planet? I won't jump from a springboard to take the flag! I'll be waiting for you!

Title: Impulse of War
Genre: Action, Free to Play, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, Racing, Simulation, Early Access
Dmitry Medvedev
Dmitry Medvedev
Release Da


  • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 - 32/64 bits
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or equivalent AMD family
  • Memory:


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Game is glitchy and lacks balance.. Lol there isnt any word to describe this trainwreck.. Well, the online dont work. WOW this game soo cool.. got into the game. a tutorial nice!. wait where is the base? (10 min going around) ''finds B for building while pressing keys randomly'' oh maybe its that big blue thing? *tutorial continues*. dafuq? that was it?. yea. sarched for pvp 1-2 min but no luck. this game is like an early version of a prototype. it works and there are VERY VERY basic functions to see what can be done. and thats it.. Alright, alot of people seem to be saying this game is pay to play, which is in no way true. In fact, the ONLY things you have the OPTION of paying money for are premium(which doubles XP and money gain, which is common free game fare, and by no means required) and aesthetic items, currently colors and trails. Even without premium, it doesnt take all that long to get the money for things, a few matches, which if you do well, and the game lasts long enough(It's based off the points you get in a match) gives 1015k of the in game currency each, and that's without premium, which is plenty. Now, if you're not doing well enough, it can feel a bit like you're not making much, but. that's true regardless of if you paid for premium or not. not to mention you can log off for a while and come back to an idle game style money generator, which generates money even while offline till it hits 15k, at which point it stops until you collect it. It's an interesting concept you should try, the game's graphics are really good for a free, early access game, the controls are customizeable and handles rather smoothly. I'm honestly astounded that one person managed this much for an alpha release. Only downsides would be bugs, a wierd "matchmaking" system, the low player count(Though that may be an illusion caused by the matchmaking being wierd) Overall, it's a free game I recommend to anyone who wants to be part of an early access game that has a good bit of potential in my opinion.. I don't want to oversell it (lol it's free) or hype the game too much like some reviews, but when you remember this game is in Early Access / Alpha and is already THIS polished I can't see why you wouldn't play this free game. FREE, World of Tanks meets Rocket League buggies - if this tickles your fancy then discover the rest for yourself! (A short video of my first experience with it) Impulse of War, it seems like a pretty neat early access game. I know right now it runs pretty good, but I feel like it needs work in pretty much every other area. I don't know what kind of player I would recommend it to at this point, but if you are interested you should check it out.

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