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About This Game

Magnibox is a colourful and challenging puzzle game about a magnet that's also a box. Hand-crafted for your brain to enjoy!

  • 160 challenging puzzles!
  • 22+ weird and wonderful mechanics to play with!
  • Colourful pixel-art graphics!
  • Funky tunes to help you solve problems!
  • Full controller support!
  • Unlock all levels from the start - play at your own pace!

Title: Magnibox
Genre: Indie
Joseph Gribbin
Joseph Gribbin
Release Date: 26 Mar, 2019


Great puzzles, visuals and music, just overall a great game.. Great art, fun puzzles!. Excellent puzzle game. The first world might start off a bit slow, but soon the puzzles become really tricky.

It just seems I can't rebind the controls, since Z and X are not really useful keys for anything outside of the english QWERTY layout. Luckily it supports controllers and plays just fine with a controller.. Magnibox is just right up my alley.
Such a clever cute puzzle game, with top notch pixel-art and super catchy music.
Level design at its core!
Starts of pretty simply with a great introduction to each mechanic and gets clever, challenging and fun real quick.

All of this for such a generous price, so just buy it already.

. Magnibox is a great puzzle game!

The puzzles are tough, but fare. You are taught everything you need to know solve the puzzle but Joseph Gribbin doesn't hold your hand throughout all the puzzles. I've made it through the first world (and was greeted with fireworks on a cute world complete screen), and have nearly completed the second. I can't wait to see what's in store in the remaining 6 worlds!

The atmosphere created by the art style and music is also a plus. It is very cute and nice \u2013 a great positive input to plug into when you want a break the not so cute and not so nice things in your life.. This is a really cool puzzle game. The mechanics are introduced in an easy to understand, gradual way and the challenge ramps up with each new feature. The design style is also really very pleasant. Definitely worth the money.. A smart grid-based puzzle game with a smooth difficulty curve and a steady drip of interesting new mechanics. Magnibox never gets as intricate or difficult as games like Snakebird or Baba Is You, so you're not likely to get stuck on any puzzle for too long. The pixel art is simple and colorful, the tunes are bouncy, and the whole experience is all-around pleasant. A good way for casual or serious puzzle fans to spend a few hours.. A great and small puzzle game definitely worth the price. Mechanics are simple and easy to understand, but provides challenge and interesting puzzles throughout the game. Difficulty and pacing felt just right. Introduction of new mechanics every now and then provided some easier levels as welcome breaks after more challenging puzzles.. Very clever puzzle game with a great art style. So far I've only beaten the first world but the puzzles never seemed unfair and everything was taught in a good pace. Definitely worth the price!

Magnibox Version 1.1.0 is Now Available!:
Good news: the first update for Magnibox is now live!

This update contains a number of quality of life improvements and requested features based on your feedback:

  • The Undo Button! You can now rewind the game step by step. Press the backspace key on keyboard, or the X button on a 360 pad.
  • Enter and Space will now activate your magnet.
  • W and and the Up arrow key will also activate your magnet - you can play with one hand!
  • When you beat a level you now unlock the following 3 levels rather than just one.
  • There's now an indication on the level select screen whether you've found the secret in that world.
  • There have also been a number of miscellaneous bug fixes and level tweaks.

If you've been waiting for Undo before jumping in, now's the time to do that!

I'd like to thank everyone who's purchased the game and left a review so far - and if you've enjoyed the game but haven't left a review yet please do so!

. Magnibox is Released!:
That's right! It's out now!

I'm working right now to sort out a few issues and whatnot, but I'd like to say thank you everyone who's picked up a copy.

Stay tuned for updates :)

Joseph.. Magnibox Version 1.1.1 Now Available!:
Heya, another update for Magnibox is now live, fixing a bunch of bugs :)
  • Fixed a bug where if you were destroyed on the same turn you activated a zap switch the game would crash
  • Fixed a bug where levels may become locked after they've already been unlocked.
I'm also aware that users on windows who downloaded the game before the 1.1.0 update will have lost their progress after that update. This is an issue with Game Maker updating the save directory, which I didn't foresee and have limited power to fix now. I'm really sorry about this!

Fortunately, there is an easy fix for users effected by this issue:
  • Go to C:/Users/AppData/Local/magnibox_win2
  • Copy the file 'magnibox_savedata'
  • Go to C:/Users/AppData/Local/magnibox_win_1_1_0
  • Paste the file into this folder.
This will restore your progress :)

If you have any additional technical problems please email me at


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