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NBA 2K19 Locker Code Guide - All-Star Moments Cards Locker Code & How to Get Locker Code

NBA 2K19 Locker Code Guide - All-Star Moments Cards Locker Code & How to Get Locker Code

2K has released a new MyTeam locker code to give gamers one more chance to get the All-Star Moments cards. In this NBA 2K19 guide, will introduce what's the NBA 2K19 MyTeam All-Star Moments Cards Locker Code and how to get locker code in the game. The latest released All-Star Moments card is the Pink Diamond,nba mt coins 96 rated Kevin Durant with 31 points in a 178: 164 victory over Team Giannis and get the MVP award in the match. It's the second time for him to get the MVP in All-Star Game and 96 overall is the highest rating of Kevin Durant card until now. With the high overall including 90 speed and 6'9" height as well as 16 badges, Diamond Durant has become one of the best cards in the game now.

The NBA 2K19 All-Star Moments cards Locker Code is as below. Use this Locker Code, you can cop all Moments Cards including the latest Pink Diamond with Locker Code and the duration of the code is one week.

Here, it's about Pivot scorer. Versatile enough offensively, all weapons are at your disposal to punish the enemy defensive mistakes. In attack you are a real poison. Able to drive your defender under the board, you can as well finish after a fadeaway as doing a feint of shooting before diving under his hands. With a touch of velvet, arms rolled are also a weapon that you master perfectly. Fast on your supports, your "work work" allows you to catch your defenders, even the most tough. But you also have an interesting ball-free game offensively. Your installation of screens will allow your exteriors to spin to the basket.

Defensively limited, your player will have less impact in your half of the field. Often caught in default by big offensive stars, you will nevertheless resist with your weapons so as not to let the score parade against you. Even if it's difficult to score at three points, your offensive versatility makes you a (almost) flawless player when it comes to attack.Read More

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