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About This Game

“The Lady” is an emotional 2D Surreal Puzzle Horror adventure.

The Lady is a surrealist emotional journey that takes The Lady through a series of fever dream ha 5d3b920ae0

Title: The Lady
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Mikeypoo's Games, Roger Levy
MPR ART Hallucinations, Plug In Digital
Release Date: 29 Jan, 2015


  • OS: Windows 7 and up
  • Processor: 600mhz Pentium compatible CPU
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
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You know, this game is awesome. Just awesome.. I bought the game originally for the artwork & the fact that it was on sale for very cheap. The gameplay really took away the enjoyment the art reeled us in with. In the end, it became the only time I wish I could remove the game from my library & they keep the change I paid for it. I tried to like it, the art had been a big pro, but either not enough or too much thought went into the game itself.. The Lady: A Strange Kind Of Love The Lady is an interesting interactive art project and a game that explores several mental and emotional issues, told through the eyes of the main protagonist, simply called the Lady. It is confusing, obtuse, aggravating, repulsive and bizarre experience that solely uses metaphor to ask questions to the person who is playing this game. These questions are entirely subjective and free to interpretation, but might include thoughts of depression, anxiety, sexual repression and identity, BIID and body dysmorphia and more. The Lady is not a game for everyone as it asks some fairly uncomfortable questions. Just as it contains muddled and confusing story, The Lady also has action segments and gameplay that also feels as equally as muddled and confusing. It is imprecise and detracts somewhat from the entire experience since it's not that well implemented. Even though there is no music in the game, it more than recompenses with atmospheric sound effects filled with terror and shock, just as visuals do. Would I recommend this game? Barely. Its price is low enough, but the biggest issue is that in effort to dissect very unpleasant and relevant themes, it dares not plunge deeper into their core. Ideas in the game are explored superficially, thus The Lady provides a short, restrained and sedated experience. Simply put, The Lady tries to tackle some very serious issues, but it does so in an inelegant and dull way. Their creators are however onto something interesting, they just need to approach more bravely and boldly when designing their next game.. It was hard but not impossible, the art was swell, but it really didn't have a point to me. I initially bought the game because of the praise it had with showing what it's like to deal with mental illness, but as a mentally ill person myself I can say this game honestly just seemed to want to use mental illness as a guise to look weird and spooky. It's a very short game, maybe 20 minutes total if you play it straight through with no deaths. I wouldn't say it's worth it.. WOW! Another case of "how the f**k did this ever get released", it's barely a game.. Graphic is nice but this game is totally nothing.. What the heck did I just play? Seriously?! The art style is creepy but not in a good horror kind of way.. This game is the best example of why an artist shouldn't think that they're automatically capable of making video games. The "game" is very good in the art department. That is, it has well-drawn images and good sound. It is, however, very much lacking in every other aspect. The gameplay is very slow and mostly consists of dragging your character around the screen and getting to whatever exit while sometimes avoiding falling stuff. For the few points where gameplay progresses beyond that, the character can also fire shots in three directions, mostly to remove obstacles. This method of mechanics is self-limiting to an extent that at one point the game gives up with it entirely and decides that it's Galaxian (yes, it suddenly switches to a game of Galaxian), and after about 15-30 minutes it dispenses with everything and ends. That's right, this game is 30 minutes, tops. All in all, I wouldn't recomend this unless you enjoy dragging characters around, and even then I'm sure there are walking simulators that last longer.. I have the weirdest boner right now.. Women.

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