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The Marvellous Miss Take Download For Windows 10

The Marvellous Miss Take Download For Windows 10

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About This Game

The stealth genre gets turned on its head in The Marvellous Miss Take – the only heist adventure that invites you to steal with style!

Break into 25 unique art galleries as three different thieves in search of the ultimate score, evading guards and using gadgets to get away with your priceless haul. Unlike other stealth games though, there’s no time for waiting in the shadows until the right moment! Wandering guards decide their patrol routes on the fly, security cameras keep watch over everything and even innocent gallery goers just visiting to admire the art might raise the alarm if they see something suspicious. Only quick wits and even quicker reflexes can help you grab the loot and escape unseen – there’s no option for violence and the clock is ticking!

Game features

  • Organised Chaos – More than your typical stealth game, The Marvellous Miss Take is a fluid, high-speed game of cat and mouse! Random guard patterns require players to think on their feet rather than hiding in the shadows, and one false move means escape can be snatched away from you in seconds.
  • Wits, Not Fists – Forget violence, takedowns or picking off guards one by one… distraction's the key to success here! Each stage stays tense from the first step to the last, so put your gadgets to good use to keep out of trouble and pilfer everything you can before someone spots you!
  • The Bigger Picture – Sneak into the 25 multi-floored galleries as one of three different characters, each of which has their own unique skills and goals. Can you escape safely with the maximum amount of loot and grab yourself a perfect ranking?
  • Artfully Accessible – Streamlined, intuitive mouse controls let you explore the colourful world of The Marvellous Miss Take with ease, making the exciting puzzle-cum-stealth action accessible to players of all ages and skills.

Title: The Marvellous Miss Take
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Rising Star Games
Release Date: 20 Nov, 2014


  • OS: Microsoft® Windows 7
  • Processor: 3.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Dedicated video card with 256MB of memory (OpenGL 2.1 or above)
  • Storage: 500 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Compatible soundcard
  • Additional Notes: Solid performance at minimum specs requires all graphical options in Options menu to be switched to 'Off'.


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Classic Stealth Gaming ACTION at its best.
No violence, just good 'ol stealin' stuff!

For the total playtime of 20 hours and 40 minutes, it was very much worth the $10 I spent when I grabbed it during the Steam Winter Holiday Sale 2014.

The only problem, which is a work in progress at the moment, is full proper Gamepad support. I played 99% of the time with my Xbox 360 wireless gamepad, only used the keyboard to start the 'heists' AKA Missions.
Other than that, I had no problems with the gameplay.

Looking forward to seeing future games from Wonderstruck UK!
. This is a fun game overall. If you like stealth games, it's worth a try, but I do have some gripes as well.

1. Time limits seem counterintuitive for a stealth game.
2. There should be a dedicated reset button.
3. The menu cursor is very hard to see.
4. there's a lot of randomness with the guards.

I certainly had fun and there were some tense moments. I suggest waiting for a sale, though. The game's good, but it's not $20 good.. This is a wonderful game, or could be, if the difficulty didn't spike after the second mission and just keep on spiking like an all-star women's volleyball team.

I know saying 'this is too hard' invites all sorts of comments questioning one's intelligence, ability and general ability to not derp the place up. I've considered all these hypotheses already. I know I further invite obloquy by swimming upstream and giving a thumbs-down to a very well reviewed game. No, the game is just too damn hard to be fun.

The game is original, has more style in one pixel than most games do in an entire screencap, the characters are engaging and the writing okay. All these qualities pall the fifteenth time youattempt a level because, well, you had every trophy and were headed to the exit nd two guards just decided to both turn at once and box you in.

Please, Turbulenz. This game could be a gem if only there were some kind of variable difficulty setting. All its qualities just make it all the more of an exercise in tooth-breaking frustration.

. W4MM - Looking to play! Want to chase me around an art gallery with dogs and alarms? (London)


  • A bunch of chunky goons; 6ft+ only
  • Must be radiating a translucent cone from your eyes to indicate your field of vision
  • Men in uniform with random patrol paths

  • A lithe, classy redhead in a hat (you'll know me when I drop the hat and run when you spot me)
  • Into toys :) and I will bring them (glue, cat noise makers, teleporters; that's how I like it)
  • The stealthiest fun you will ever have!

;) Catch me while you can, boys!

If you're into pure stealth experiences The Marvellous Miss Take certainly knows how to please. I myself am often found crouched in the shadows, stuffing things into my pockets, being the creep that I am. And, as such, I can tell you what makes a great stealth game. An adequate stealth game gives you steady feedback on how visible you are at any given time and makes it clear how alert your opponents are. A good stealth game is all about cunning movement, where actively removing threats is impossible or undesirable. A great stealth game takes all of the above, adds a heap of character, and then does something you've never quite seen before. Miss Take is a great stealth game.

Like spitting into the hair of a tall guy a couple rows in front of you in a dark and crowded movie theater, The Marvelous Miss Take is a pure stealth experience. You cannot incapacitate guards and your goal is to get the loot and get out without being caught. If you get caught, you lose.

However, where Miss Take really shines is in its focus on getting into and fleeing from danger. You could take your time on every level and get through the game easily. But if you want to get through well, you'll have to beat the par times for each level. This might sound awful to old stealth hats, but the game doesn't punish you for being seen as long you can get away. And as anyone who has run naked down a public street of a major city knows, that has some veracity (provided you have no obvious tattoos or weird scars). In fact, being seen is a great way to get the guards to stop patrolling near the loot and come stomping to where you decided to give them a show (as most fellows will). At least this is how it plays for two of the characters.

What!? Multiple characters and playstyles? Take a minute to collect your popped monocle, reader. Yes, Miss Take has three characters that play quite differently. With the eponymous Miss Take you have to collect all the paintings in each level and you are usually given some sort of tool to help: smoke bombs to hide, noise makers to distract guards, a teleporter to move quickly to where you throw it, etc. However, if somebody notices you and you run for it, she'll drop her hat, which you have to get back before you exit, making drastic evasion riskier. Her extra goals are to beat a par time and collect loot behind display cases you have to smash (alerting anyone nearby).

Your first ally is a more traditional thief, who can't run but has no par time to beat. Your optional goal is to take your time and not be seen. His inclusion was especially nice, since that's the sort of trimming-a-bonzai-tree, patient experience I play stealth games for and lets aficionados of the genre feel like they can ease out of their comfort zone.

And finally, the third is a teenage pick-pocket who has to get up close to a guard, stay there for long enough to snatch a key and then unlock a safe that will set off a blaring alarm. She has no tools, but she doesn't drop her hat when she springs into action like a kangaroo wearing moon shoes. Once again, the goal is to do it quick (certainly not what she said).

This plays out over 25 levels, which you will go through once for each character with minor changes for each one. Much like the interiors of our protagonists' purses, it's an impressive amount of content. And the difficulty most certainly rises to meet your mounting skills (oh my!), with later levels adding threats like security cameras, dogs that will pick up your scent, and lasers that will limit your movement. Add these to the basic threat of guards with random movement patterns, and you have yourself a challenge, sir.

Fortunately, the game also gives you tools to deal with the rising chaos. Miss Take's tools are obvious, but each character can make a sound to draw guards to the area; controlling their movement for a time (and without breaking the stealth bonus for our traditional thief). This is essential, since while random patrols provide a pleasant risk, it would be terrible if you had to wait for them to move into or out of the ideal position for half an hour while the RNG has declared the order of the day is back and forth like the ping pong savants' international tournament for obsessive compulsives.

And if this extensive love letter to Miss Take isn't enough, the aesthetic of the game is perfectly fitting a game about art and the acquisition thereof. The soundtrack is stellar, with a good selection of lovely hard bop jazz. The models are fairly simple, but the animation is good looking and lively and the use of bright colors make sure Miss Take looks timeless rather than basic. The characterization of our heroes is strong and - despite their seemingly misanthropic profession - they're made quite likable, like a bunch of posh Robin Hoods, in comparison to the completely deplorable villain. The game isn't terribly verbose (unlike me), but the dialogue that is there is often witty and enjoyable.

Miss Take does have her worts, they're just small and mostly out of sight (like behind the knee or something). Despite the quantity of levels and the small efforts to make differences between them for each of the characters, the setting for every level is the same style of art gallery. Only the layout and time of day changes. Graphics options are pretty solid, but it gets a little funny about the resolution when alt+tabbing out of the game. You can't fine tune the volume controls or rebind keys. I found using pure mouse control to be less than smooth, but using the keyboard to walk fixed that (the 360 controller also works). And the glue tool has some problems. For some reason glued enemies would stay alert and constantly aware of my position until the glue ended, causing some problems. But really, if Miss Take were a painting, the stain of these would only amount to a single drop of coffee from the spit-take at how otherwise amazing it is.

So, yeah, The Marvelous Miss Take is easily the best stealth game I have played in some time. Worth twenty dollars? Maybe, if you just need your skulking in shadows fix. I'd probably recommend waiting until it goes on sale for ten bucks. But absolutely get it then. If stealth is your thing, you won't be disappointed. If stealth isn't your thing? Well, Miss Take won't go out of her way to court you, but if you meet her halfway, she might provide you a chance to get into it (ba-zing).

One Last Note:

I read a couple comments to effect that some people were put off of this game by Feminist Frequency's endorsement of it. I won't jump to any conclusions about those that might feel wary about that. Frankly, if a group that is about a social/political agenda, even one I was involved with, was pushing a game, I'd probably be concerned that I'd just have to sit through a parade of their memes rather than a game I enjoy. Don't worry about that. The Marvelous Miss Take will appeal to feminists for obvious reasons (and good for Miss Take for hitting that demographic), but it isn't a feminist game. It's a stealth game. A really, really good stealth game. A great stealth game.. The Marvellous Miss Take is a game I liked enough to 100%, and on that basis I feel obligated to recommend it, but that must come with a list of caveats. There are three major, and a few minor, problems I had that prospective buyer should beware.

First, the controls are not very good. The default mouse controls are just awful; they don't offer the level of control needed to respond to changing situations. Thankfully, you can switch to WASD keyboard controls, which have three problems. First, they felt stiff and unresponsive; the number of times I failed after accidentally tripping a laser is too many. Second, far, far too often I'd get stuck on the edge of furniture or doorframes. Lastly, you still have to use the mouse to interact with things. Which wouldn't be a problem, but you do this so rarely I found it more comfortable to use my off hand for the run command (Shift), and then had to scramble to reach the mouse when needed. You also use the mouse to throw things, which is not convenient for quick responses either.

Second, the guard movements are random. Which generally wouldn't be a problem except for the optional time challenges. In my opinion, too many of those can only be beaten with luck. It gets very annoying when you repeatedly start a level, then quit two seconds in as a guard you need to lure is looking the wrong way. Even worse is when you get most of the way through and then get caught when a guard off-screen happens to look at you or wander in range of a safe alarm. That randomness also means that the difficulty curve is all over the place; even late in the game levels can become trivial with just a little good fortune.

Third is that you need to press escape then make two mouse clicks to restart a level, for no reason that I can see. That might not seem like much, but given how often I restarted levels, it really got on my nerves. One click on 'Restart' should be enough to restart!

The game would also benefit from the ability to rotate the camera. Perhaps that's asking too much of an indie game, but there where a few occasions when I couldn't see clearly thanks to my character being blocked by a wall, that interfered with my play.

Given all these problems, what kept me playing the game? The basic gameplay is solid. There are clear visibility and awareness cones for everything, so except for off-screen guards it's clear where's safe and where's not. Once you understand how to lure the guards away from what they are guarding, the puzzles become the fun sort of challenging. The different gameplay styles of the three PCs also add another dimension to each level. The main character also gets to use a variety of different items as they progress through the game, which helps to keep things varied; it's just a shame something similar couldn't have been done for the other two PCs.

Also, I really like the game's art design. It's simple but elegant and fits the mood quite well.

There's a lot of fun to be had from The Marvellous Miss Take, but also a lot of frustration. I'd recommend it if you like stealth games and puzzle games, and like a modest challenge.. Rating 7.5/10
Overview: Isometric Stealth

The Good:

+ Great art style

+25 levels, each level has 2 stages

+ 3 playable character each with their own objectives and play style per level

+ The game does a good job visually presenting all dangers to you i.e enemy visions, lasers, camera etc.

+ Each level has a ‘par time’ for replay ability

+ Great soundtrack that fits the atmosphere and art style

The Average:

If you are not interested in getting achievements, the game can be pretty short, if you are interested in achievements, the game can be pretty repetitive.

Frustration can set in quick with this game as luck plays a big role in determining how fast and good you can complete levels. Enemy guard movement can be sporadic, its difficult to know which way they are going to go. On the one hand, it makes the game interesting and forces you to really rely on patience and timing, on the other hand, having a guard turn in the wrong direction, spotting you at the very last second just when you were about to exit the level can be rage inducing.


The Marvelous Miss Take is a fun little isometric stealth game that seems to have gone over looked in the steam community. The premise of the game is easy enough to understand and so you can jump right into the game. It’s a fun game in short bursts. Check this game out if you are a fan of the genre.
. The Marvelous Miss Take is a great game for the first few levels, fun and simple!

However, on the second level of Chapter Two(Show Me The Monet), it got ridiculously frustrating for me. The Guards' sight range is incredibly vast, which is fine.. But not if there's three of them in a small gallery.

Along with a camera.

After passing that level (not before failing many, many times before.) within an hours worth of trying, I moved onto the next. This is when they added Dogs. The Dogs' sight range is reasonable, but the scent range is infuriating- Especially if you put them in a room with a Guard AND a camera.

This is when I decided to stop the game. It was fun, very fun, for the first few levels. Then, it's simple stealing went from challengingly fun to unbelievably, frustratingly difficult.

That, of course, is just my take on the game. Those who enjoy difficulty would probably love it! Thank you for reading~. The Marvellous Miss Take has the allure of a great Caper Story set in London, where you play as the beautiful Sophia Take, a thief reclaiming her aunt's art collection. You stealthfully try to take back your aunt's masterpieces from a number of galleries utilizing quick strategy, an array of high-tech gadgets and the special skills of your fellow bandits, Harry and Daisy. Each level provides a range of challenging security from guard dogs, to lasers, and infrared cameras, requiring masterful forethought in planning your heist. Each character has a number of achievements to unlock based on specific art pieces collected or how fast you finish the level. When it comes to trying to beat the clock, it can be frustrating at times because the random path of the guards almost seem like they know where you are, leaving you no choice but to run and hide or start again.

Part of the fun with this game comes from figuring out the fastest way to loot an area without drawing too much attention. While you can scroll around a level to a limited diameter from your character, having a separate free ranging camera to look over each gallery before you loot the place, is remarkably absent. Sure you can see the entire layout of each building before you start the mission; however the angle is skewed and somewhat difficult to see all the key areas. Like a real heist, we should be able to scan each floor and note where each treasure piece and security is located in order to plan our course of action as efficiently as possible.

The story of 'Miss Take' is enhanced with jazzy music, stylish animation and a colorful palette. The narration is bookmarked with humorous newspaper headlines about your antics and simple text boxes spoken between your characters and patrons. Given the setting, it would have been great to hear these characters actually speak with an English accent. It would have literally breathed some personality into these characters and brought the game to life.

Gameplay itself is deceptively simple, using point-and-click mouse controls to run, walk, distract and throw objects. Crouching is done automatically when you sneak behind tables and pillars. There is an option to use Keyboard controls but there is no indication of what those keys are, and no way to rebind them. The latest update added an Action Camera function, the (C) key, to zoom-in on your character during gameplay. Unfortunately this is nothing more than a close-up still frame for screen capturing; you cannot play while in this view. While the official trailer shows clips of Sophia walking around at this lower camera angle, it's bewildering why this new feature locks the game as it would have added a whole new dimension and replay value.

Despite some of these minor qualms, The Marvellous Miss Take is a refreshingly fun and unique \u2018take\u2019 on the stealth action genre. You\u2019ll spend hours sneaking your way through a minefield of puzzling obstacles, reclaim your aunt\u2019s \u201cstolen\u201d masterpieces, and do it all over again just to beat your previous time.. A clever stealth game with no combat. Steal paintings & artwork without being spotted by guards, dogs or setting off trip lasers. The game took 5 hours to complete the story & there is more to do, but due to levels being easier or frustratingly harder than they probably should be because of the random movement of guards, I don't have much motivation to play anymore of the game.

Worth playing through if you get the game on sale or in a bundle & you enjoy stealth games, but probably a bit too frustrating to recommend otherwise.. A very stylish and visually well designed game, however I have to say it controls terribly and gets very frustrating to play. Havent rage quitted at a game in a while, which pushed me to write this comment.

I will say reasonable price, I bought it on sale so cant complain too much, I like to concept and visuals, just wish the gameplay wasnt such a stress inducing experience, the music and style seems like it should've been fairly relaxing.

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