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What are the processes of ER70S-6?

What are the processes of ER70S-6?

ER70S-6 is the carbon oxide shielded welding wire. It is similar to the ER50S-6 welding wire in our domestic market. Now let’s learn something about the technology of the process.
1. Steel Making Technology

This product is required to have high welding performance and strength. So the chemical component of this product must be having low carbon. And the component Mn and Si must be high.Wiring Duct Manufacturer

Since the fluctuation of chemical composition has a high impact on mechanical properties, it requires that the chemical composition be uniform and stable.

And the gas should be low in content. Besides, the inclusion of oxides and sulfides should be few. Thus the requirement for the steel making technology is very high.

After repeated demonstration, aluminum granule assisted deoxygenation and soft stirring process is adopted in process control.

In the process, there will need the argon surrounding shielding pipe, and the mircocarbon coating agent.

High quality scrap steel is selected in the smelting process. And the alloy addition grade and order are strictly controlled. Besides, the continuous casting drawing speed also needs to be strictly controlled.

Purposeful control of shaft furnace smelting. And the workers must control the reduction component and the tundish.

We must ensure the chemical composition of the final requirements. It should be white residue after 15 min the oxygen w (O) 50 or less * 10-6. And the tundish temperature should be T = 1530-1545 ℃. Thus can we obtain good casting billet for the rolling.

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