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XING: The Land Beyond Crack Serial Key

XING: The Land Beyond Crack Serial Key

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About This Game

You died. Welcome to XING.

Title: XING: The Land Beyond
Genre: Adventure, Indie
White Lotus Interactive
White Lotus Interactive
Release Date: 21 Sep, 2017


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7, 8, or 10 - 64 Bit
  • Processor: Quad Core Intel


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    Very nice graphics and atmosphere in this exploration and puzzle game. I recommend it.. This game is simply breathtaking. Everyone with a fable for atmospheric puzzlers will get a piece crafted visibly with love. I played many hours on home already but figured why not get another copy on Steam. You guys deserve it. I followed the games development ever since its inception and I am very glad to say that this game has touched me deeply and brought me many moments of peace. 10/10 I will play through from the beginning again. Thank you for this beautiful artpiece. Please everyone buy this game because the people standing behind this deserve all the love they can get.. Vive: This game is magical. It's a relaxing puzzle game with very nice graphics and music. Walking around the environments feels and looks great. The puzzles will start out too easy and get hard further in. The graphics look blurry at first, but I turn AA off and increase the SS, and it looks good to me. I'm at over 5 hours and not even 50% done with the game. The one problem with this game is that it's resource hungry, and you're going to need a beefy PC to run it, unless you turn the graphics settings down a lot.. Falling through the environment in VR. Returning.. This is the best adventure VR game I have ever played. Graphics are super good and long gameplay. Just close your eyes without thinking and click the buy button.. Be careful what you wish for. That's what I told myself about halfway through this game. Xing: The Land Beyond is a beautiful puzzle game where you assume the role of a person who had just passed way. Your goal is to help the Guardian track down four lost souls so they can be preserved. If successful, you'll never be born again, allowing you to pass through to the other side. Pros: Graphics are top notch Puzzles range from kindergarten to insane Well optimized Diverse and beautiful environments Entertaining puzzle elements A progress button (In the pause menu) Mini stories Cons: Some rendering glitches (mostly in the last story area) It's possible to become trapped in the very last puzzle When I started this game, I began to think to myself, I hope the puzzles get harder than this because it felt as though I was playing Barbie and the 12 dancing princesses, a children's PC game. How do you know this?, you'll probably asking yourself. Simple, I played it with my daughter who was 4 years old at the time. About a third of the way through Xing, the puzzles became much more complex. Then, at the half way point is when I utter the first sentence in this review. By the time I got towards the end, the puzzles where becoming insanely hard, BUT, I managed to do it without help. When it was over, I felt like my brain had just been baked. One of the things I really liked about this game is the progress button in the pause menu. It tells you how many letters you found, how many there are to go, and how many runes found. Each world has five runes and you have to find them all if you want to know what the signs are trying to tell you. I didn't have any technical problems with this game but I did get trapped on the last puzzle of the game, forcing me to start the area again. I wasn't happy. However, I managed to finish. At the time of this review, Xing: The Land Beyond was selling for $19.99. I logged in about 16 hours from start to finish so it's well worth it. I wouldn't even wait for a sale, buy it now.. Disclaimer: I worked for a few months on this title, helping to fix bugs and whatnot. So, there's some level of bias. But I'll try to be as objective as possible, for the sake of you, my dear reader. XING: The Land Beyond is a slow game. That isn't to say it's poorly paced, or boring, but it's a game that encourages you to take your time, explore the environment, and enjoy the feeling of being in the game especially enhanced by being in VR, if that's your thing. There are puzzles, and they get pretty moderately challenging by the end.but it's not like The Talos Principal, where the *focus* is on mind-bendingly difficult challenges. The game is a visual and aural treat, and it's meant to be explored at leisure. It's very Myst-like, in many ways, though notably more guided, and less frustrating. If you're feeling stressed, want to get away from things, and relax in a beautiful world, this is your title. If you want a more action-based experience, or think games like Stephen's Sausage Roll or Recursed are too easy for you, it might be a pass. But for those willing, there's a pretty beautiful experience to be had, here. Anyway, have fun! I (and all the full-time guys at White Lotus) are quite proud of the game.. Xing: The Land Beyond is great! I'm almost 4 hours in and had a blast! Amazing graphics, great music, incredibly immersive, brilliant unique puzzles, sexy weather effects, night and day cycles.The list goes on. Highly recommend this to any fan of puzzle games! I really got lost in the world. Id even go as far as saying it is the best puzzle game currently in VR.. Xing is an incredibly relaxing game that encourages exploration while solving the reasonably light puzzles it offers. Only one or two puzzles I have encountered so far (currently on the fourth level, 80% completion) have required a good amount of dedication to work out the solution, so if you are wanting a hardcore puzzle experience from the game, you will likely be disappointed. The levels are fairly guided, with a few having branching paths, but the sights that you'll soak in on any given area are gorgeous. I run my game on the High settings, it runs fantastically and looks amazing -- I envy anyone playing the game with a VR set and a capable machine.. Just finished up a non-VR playthrough, and am VERY pleased with this game! So, a review: XING is a Myst-like exploration/puzzle game with various worlds which have controllable environments. Some items move, can be picked up/thrown, or interact with other puzzle-type pieces, Goals of each level are to advance through puzzle areas and reach an end-gate. Xing has a fantastic learning curve, and if you've read reviews which say the puzzles are too simple, you're most likely reading a review from someone who didn't do ALL of them. The hardest ones here aren't crazy mind-benders like some of the difficult Talos Project Gehenna ones, but they do get larger and more intricate as the game progresses. The (non-VR) game looks amazing, and can be set pretty high on graphical qualities. (Surprise achievement during setup!) Weather environments/effects are fantastic. Audio is also top-notch, which is how I say "The background music was very good, not annoying." I did get stuck in a pit once, and saw through a tear in a wall or two, but encountered no other issues with the game. Movement was slightly 'off' from an FPS-type game, as the walking was a bit too slow and the running was also slower than I would have preferred.

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